Apis Glass Industries Ltd is a professional glass processing factory.

Established in 2005, as a customer focused company, more than 12years, we have been designing our products in house to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our strength lies in flexible in engineering, consistent high quality products, and customer-centric service.
We manufactures glass products and shower enclosures, specializing in home appliance glass, tabletop glass, bathroom glass and mirror processing.
In order to achieve the finest quality possible for our customers, we always make sure that we are using the advanced available machinery and equipments.
As a top Chinese glass processing company, we take pride in our high quality work in the following areas: accurate cutting, edge grinding, water jet cutting, screen printing and rolling printing, hole drilling, tempering, etc.
Customer satisfaction has always been and still is our first and foremost goal at Apis Glass. We are pleased and always appreciative to be at your service, We look forward to working with you and helping you succeed in your market.

Advanced equipment contribute to high quality glass and efficient glass processing.
We have many advanced machines, therefore we can ensure the accurate size and tiny tolerance. And our equipment will be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure proper operation.

Cutting Machine


Grinding Beveled Edge For Circle Glass


Automatic Double Pencil Edging Machine


Automatic Double Flat Edging Machine


Chamfering Machine


Water Jet Cutting Machine


Automatic Drilling Holes Machine


Vertical Working Centers




Silk Screen Printing Machine


Tempered Machine