Glass Shelves Processing

Cutting-Grinding Edge-Tempering-Packing-Loading

Glass Thickness

Glass Thickness:3/8” (10mm)

Shape of Glass

Quarter circle, Triangle, Pentagon, Rectangle

Edge Finish Flat Polished

Edge Finish Flat Polished

Glass Tolerance: ±2mm

Overall Bow: Tempered curvature not exceed 1.5mm within 1000mm

Roller Wave: Tempered wave not exceed 0.3mm within 300mm

Tempering Particle Counts: 45-80 Particles per 50×50 mm


Glass Quality meets to standard EN 12150 and ANSI Z97.

Chrome Brackets and stainless-steel screws.

Glass shelves with brackets

Sales-Package is available.

The carton package includes 1xglass shelf, 2xBrackets, and screws and anchors.

The products can be delivered into end users from our factory.