Glass Table Tops Processing


Glass Thickness

1/4”(6mm), 5/16”(8mm), 3/8”(10mm), 1/2”(12mm)

Shape: Round, Rectangle

Glass Size: 300-2500mm

Round glass diameter tolerance ±2mm

Round glass is standard circle by automatic machine.

Rectangle glass size tolerance ±1mm

Rectangle Glass Corners

Cut 1-35mm Radius 1-60mm

Kinds of Glass: Clear, Ultra clear, Grey, Bronze, Pattern glass

Kinds of Glass
Kinds of Glass
Kinds of Glass
Kinds of Glass

Edge Finish

Flat polished, Pencil polished, Beveled polished, Ogee polished


Bevel size: 0.5”-1.5” (12-38mm)

CE and SGCC Certificates

Quality meets to standard EN 12150 and ANSI Z97.

Silk Screen Printing:

Printed by Ceramic Paint

Frosted (acid etched), White, Black, Blue, Variety of Patterns and Colors

The ceramic paint water-based, environmentally friendly, meets ROHS

10 years’ printing practice

dust-free workshop with cleaning air supplied

Apis passed License for environment from the Government.

Scratch Resistance

Temperature Resistance -30~230℃

Resistance to Weak Acid and Base

Ceramic Paint does not Fall Off

Water Proof and Moisture Proof


Tempering  Overall Bow: Curvature not Exceed 1.5mm within 1000mm

Roller Wave: Wave not Exceed 0.3mm within 300mm

Particle Counts: 45-80 Particles per 50×50 mm

Sales-Package Packing

Styrofoam Color Box Carton Box Label


Quality Standard

EN 12150 and ANSI Z97

Self-Inspection by Worker


Inspection by QC

Checking the appearance by QC


Lead Time 4-6 Weeks to Glass

On Time 90%, Less 2 Weeks


Replying within 1 Work Day

Sharing Order Process Information

Loading Information within 3 Work Days