Apis Framelss Sliding Shower Door

Frameless sliding shower doors, AS001 is matched with 6mm and 8mm tempered glass. Its package weight is lighter, and cost is lower. The easy clean nano coating is applicable to save cleaning time for end customers.

Many different types of handles and towel racks optional. 

Sliding Shower Door AS001 Description

Items Description
Size 60"x76" ; 48" x 76"
Glass Thickness 1/4" ( 6mm ) ; 5/16" (8mm)
Hardware Color Bright ; Brushed ; Black
Package Wood Box Package ; Carton Sales Package
Type Clear, Ultra Clear, Tint
Handles & Towel Rack Different types of handles and towel rack optional

Optional Features

Easy clean glass coating

Easy Cleaning

We use Enduroshield from Australia. Easy clean coating is invisible, non-stick coating that reduce cleaning time up to 90%, with 5 or 10 years warranty.

Safety Film

In order to prevent accidental damage to people caused by tempered glass during use, we provide safety film services which has been proven for 3 years by the market.

Tempered glass with explosion-proof safety film

OEM Sliding Shower Door

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