Swing Frameless Shower Doors with Heavy Duty Hinges

3/8” (10mm) Clear Tempered Glass, Tempered glass have SGCC certificate.

Minimum Order Qty: One  plywood pallet, 30 sets mixed different size and color.

Colors: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black,Brushed Gold.

Adjustable Brass hinges

Size: 24”x72”, 26”x76”, 30”x80″, other size can be Customized

Provide Door to Door service

Product Details

This swing shower doors can be used in various interior doors, such as bathroom doors, glass partitions, etc. This frameless glass door comes with adjustable hinges made of brass.

What is adjustable? If the wall on which the door needs to be installed is not very vertical, it is very difficult to install the glass. At this time, it is only necessary to adjust the angle of the hinge to make the angle between the glass and the wall reach 90° vertical.

5 colors of adjustable brass hinges: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black,Brushed Gold, Oil Rubbed Bronze. Qualified 3/8″ (10mm) clear tempered glass, Certifications include ANSI Z97.1 and 16 CFR 1201, CAN/CGSB 12.1-2017, own SGCC Certificate.

Optional Features


Color : Clear glass, urltra-clear glass and grey tinted glass can be select.

Easy Clean Coating: also can be selected to do or not.
We use Enduroshield brand from Australia, with 5 or 10 years warranty.


Handles: “H” shape and “O” shape can be selected.
Stainless steel material,
5 colors same as the hinges.

There are 2 edges of the hinge , one is flat and the other is beveled, can be selected.

Package and Transportation

Standard Packaging

All components of glass and hardware are packed in one carton box. It is convenient for storage and handling.

10 boxes are packed into a stronge plywood crate. It is convenient for unloading and handing by forklifts.

Carton packing

Phywood crate with carton

Two other options

1, Glass and Hardware are separated. Glass is by plywood crate, hardware is by carton box with plywood crate. The packaging is more economical.
2, Carton box with Styrofoam is perfect suitable for Express delivery.
All components of glass and hardware are packed in one carton box.
10 boxes are packed into a stronge plywood crate. It is convenient for unloading and handing by forklifts.

Plywood crate packing

Carton for Express delivery

Quality and Service

Quality Warranty

All good products are manufactured!
The quality of glass depends on the most basic details of every production process. Apis insists on making every piece of glass to ensure that every piece of glass received by customers is a qualified product.

Apis provide perfect packaging and container reinforcement to ensure that the shower doors arrive in your hands intact.
Apis promise to pay or replace defective or broken products, please check the products once received the container, and contact us immediately if there is any defect.

Professional production and sales service team

Apis carry out weekly production plan, Raw material purchasing and process production are in accordance with the weekly plan,So the delivery date is very punctual and there will be no delay in delivery.
The sales understand products, familiar with import and export trade knowledge, provide assistance throughout the process until the customer receives the goods.


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