Shower Glass

Apis specializes in manufacturing high-quality tempered glass for shower rooms. We can produce flat shower glass, curved shower glass, frosted glass, printed glass for shower door and shower enclosures brands, and provide additional services such as easy-clean coating and safety film.

Flat glass

Flat Shower Glass

3-12mm tempered shower glass, using fresh automotive-grade raw glass. Can be used for various shower room designs like Frameless, Frame, Sliding, Corner shower, Neo Angle shower.

Curved glass

Curved Shower Glass

5-8mm tempered glass, Including C bend and J bend curved shower glass, with accurate tempering radian. It is widely used for quadrant shower enclosure.

silk glass

Frosted Shower Glass

3-12mm painted frosted glass for shower enclosure , has same view effect as satin glass.  Use American Ferro, Italian Fenzi environmental friendly ink, screen printing technology. 

Shower Glass Processing Video

In the 16 years of cooperation with European and American customers, we have continuously improved our processing, packaging, transportation and cost capabilities, and won the trust and long term partnership from our customers.

Meanwhile, we’ve owned a ability to provide solutions according to your request.

Advanced Shower Glass Manufacturing

First Class Raw Glass

First Class Raw Glass

First Class raw glass from Taiwan Glass, Xinyi Glass, JinJing Glass Our low-stock production management ensures that we use the freshest raw glass within 3 months


High Processing Accuracy

Accurate processing tolerance; Processing size deviation 1mm; Flatness 2‰ ; Uniform chamfered edge ; Curved tempered glass radian ± 2mm


Keep Improving The Detail

Skilled workers and managers with 16 years of experience learning and training together, and build a work list for every process.

Tempered glass test

Higher Production Standards

We take higher internal standards than EN 12150 and ANSI Z97.

silk glass

Well Protected Package

After many years’ improvements, a professional and fine packaging has been formed. Not only give full protection for glass, but also easy to disassemble.


Accurate & Stable Delivery

Accurate Delivery Time confirmation and execution, by our salesman confirming information with you and our production team.

Shower Glass Quality Control

APIS shower glass quality control consists of 4 parts: 1. Quality training for all employees. 2. Calibration of inspection tools. 3. Inspection process: first article inspection (worker + QC)-worker’s inspection-random inspection (QC)-final inspection (QC);  4.  Simulate assembly test.

Easy Cleaning on Shower Glass

We use Enduroshield from Australia. Easy clean coating is invisible, non-stick coating that reduce cleaning time up to 90%, with 5 or 10 years warranty.

Constructed by our experienced workers, we finally provide you with cost-effective and easy-to-clean shower glass.

Safety Film On Shower Glass

In order to prevent accidental damage to people caused by tempered glass during use, especially shower door glass, we have a mature solution which has been proven for 3 years by the market.

Safety film glass and laminated glass have the same safety, and safety film glass price is more competitive, and at the same time beautiful and practical.

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We have an experienced and professional sales team to serve you and fully understand your needs. With our 16 years of valuable experience in shower room glass, we can better help you and your brand.