Curved Tempered Shower Glass

We can produce C-shaped curved glass and J-shaped curved glass, which are mainly used in quadrant shower enclosures and corner shower enclosures. They’ve been recognized by our customers with precise radian and size, every piece of Apis curved shower glass is a qualified product.

J shape curved shower glass 300x300.jpg

J Bent Glass Shape

C shape curved shower glass 300x300.jpg

C Bent Glass Shape

Curved Shower Glass Processing Description

Thickness3/16” (5mm), 1/4” (6mm), 5/16” (8mm)±0.20 mm
Hole Diameter5mm-50mm+0.5mm
TypeClear, Extra Clear, Tint , FrostedN/A

Curved Shower Glass Processing Details

Glass Edge

We can process both Flat Edge and Pencil Edge for curved shower glass.  All flat edged glass panels we made have 1mm uniform chamfer edge. They have very smooth hand feeling. 

Tempered Shower Door Glass Processing Factory China Apisglass 1 pusblxb26osf9ja1kjfh10438lvx7tkcpjxmevfsm8.jpg
Matt pencil glass edge pusdglyv1k2qxmey6d4mx6bcep7dasat7m3q3kkb6o.jpg

Glass Shape

We can manufacture both C bent and J bent curved shower glass.  Each piece of our glass panel is with perfect radian, so the two glass panels can joint together perfectly without any gap in between. 

C bent shower glass pusdgy6riejh4jx770esbl8c4pj52unblal1c626xs.jpg
J bent shower glass pusdhaenz907bhfg7noxq05bupuwuwztyz2ckrk2ow.jpg

Glass Hole

We use automatic punching machine for our curved shower glass drilling, it is featured with precise hole position, and accurate size.  As you know it’s very important when you do final installation.  

03 pusc01tqw24jqkre358mzxsgm29hw2n4zgvb1kht40.jpg
01 pusc0d3t62jzlwb09a45tuxzqopwgfvx10p4sw131c.jpg

Glass Cutout

The water-jet cutting edge of our curved glass panels is vertical 90 degrees.  The cutouts is of accurate size, and makes it super easy for you to install accessories. 

_20211108130737 pusc0u0wl375evmfihfg2qoafmeiazr33cfvfvbzxc.jpg
apis logo print on glass rotated 1 pusc168t1xnvlt4oj4plh5la5mqa323lh0x6ogtvog.jpg

Glass Logo Printing

We can print your logo on the curved glass panel for shower enclosures.  Three colors optional: white, black, semi-transparent. 

SD098 pusc1kcgc5qca6ut2ehyne7vzjvfsd5gi3eb3jmi0o.jpg

Frosted Glass

Our frosted glass is produced by silk screen printing, The view effect is very similar to Saint-Gobain’s Santi Glass.

Curved Shower Glass Tempering

Our company’s internal standards are higher than Standard EN 12150 and ANSI Z97.  We inspect the tempered curved glass on each shift: radian, granularity, and record data;

  • Performance test: the strength and impact resistance of tempered glass;
  • Appearance inspection: every piece of curved shower glass is inspected when it is packed;

We pursue a range of granularity, which makes the stress of our tempered bended glass uniform and effectively reduces spontaneous explosion.

Curved Shower Glass Quality Control

Apis has detailed production standards and strict quality control inspections. We make sure every piece of your curved shower glass panels is a qualified product and can be perfectly assembled. 

1. Edge straightness inspection   2. Radian inspection   3. Size and diagonal inspection   4. Assembly test

34 pv0uabhdc09ie75tlciud1uqf4ezeu5gx679dh00ic.jpg
Curved Shower Glass Processing Manufacturer China Apisglass pusdoxtdlphi1izjpi2us4ke3jdk56crzkyj7bh7kk.jpg
Curved Shower Glass Processing Manufacturer China Apisglass 1 pusdpdsmtw3diwcc46zigij8736ss147ps1sd0tims.jpg
27 pusdsxmoncyddv6ndq8rvm9wzhopuv7pjcrtmnjz4k.jpg
28 pusdszid110y133x2r210lsu69fga9f67m2sl7h6s4.jpg
29 pusdt39psd63biyggsojakuojswx51u3k4oqibbm38.jpg
 768x1024 1 pusdudbt38x54f3jzul96r89nolwm7wy2gnj0vfbmc.jpg

Curved Shower Glass Packaging

We use 20mm thick high-strength fumigation-free wooden boxes for curved shower panel package. Each wooden box has a sufficient amount of desiccant, and sealed package. It has 100mm height forklift hole, and use screw fixation.So when you received the package, you can easily transport and disassembly quickly. 

Safety packaging of curved shower glass pusdxz1jadupmlv4yenrquhvmuuk4g7wkaoj922zro.jpg
Wooden box packaging of curved shower glass pusdyf0sikgl3z7xd3kff8gpqensrazcahrserfatw.jpg

Frosted Curved Shower Glass

We have developed a frosted technology by silk screen printing. Using water-based environmentally friendly ink from American Ferro and Italian Fenzi.  The visual effect of our curved frosted glass is very similar with Saint-Gobain’s SATINOVO MATE. 

Our painted frosted glass is  semi-transparent. It not only allow lights in, but also provide just right privacy.  We can also customize a variety of pattern designs like satin glass to fullfill your unique design. 

Frosted curved shower door.jpg
Frosted curved shower enclosures.jpg

Curved Glass Easy Cleaning

We use liquid of Enduroshield from Australia. Easy clean coating is invisible, non-stick coating on curved glass shower panels that can help reduce the cleaning time up to 90%.  It is with 5 or 10 years warranty.

Easy clean glass coating.jpg

Curved Glass Safety Film

n order to prevent accidental damage to people caused by tempered glass during use, we provide safety film services which you can apply on your shower door glass.  It has been proven for 3 years by the market.  

It will provide your customers with more safety, especially for elder, children,  and pregnant women.  

Tempered DoorTempered glass with explosion proof safety film Glass Pro.jpg

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