Tempered shower glass for frameless sliding shower doors

Clear Tempered Glass,polished flat edge, have valid CE and SGCC certificate.

Min Qty: 10pcs per size, can be mixed in a 20ft container with other styles.

2 pcs glass panels only.

Glass Thickness: Available for 1/4”(6mm), 5/16″(8mm), 3/8″(10mm) Thick Glass.

Customize Glass Size: The minimum width is 22″ and up to 72″ maximum. The maximum height will be 82″.

Logo can be printed.

Provide Door to Door delivery service.

Technical Parameters

Glass Thickness 1/4”(6mm), 5/16”(8mm), 3/8”(10mm), tolerance ±0.3mm
Glass Type Clear glass
Size Tolerance ±0.5mm
Diagonal size 1mm
Edge Finishes Polished flat edge
Holes Tolerance +0, -0.5mm
Corners Safety corners
Overall Bow Tempered curvature not exceed 1.5mm within 1000mm
Roller Wave Tempered wave not exceed 0.15mm within 300mm
Tempering Particle Counts 45-80 Particles per 50×50 mm


Frameless sliding glass shower doors are becoming a popular choice for many bathroom designs due to their modern look and easy installation.Sliding shower doors are usually composed of two tempered glass panels and hardware. The hole size of the glass needs to be precise, and the tempering quality of the glass must be good. After tempering, the glass cannot be bent beyond the standard, otherwise the two pieces of glass cannot be used together. As a tempered shower glass manufacturer,With more than 17 years of production experience, focusing on the production of shower glass, in line with the quality certification standards of SGCC and CE, can provide customers with complete solutions.

Package and Transportation

『Plywood crate package, corks between glass』

Plywood crate packaging is a unique and efficient way to package and protect tempered shower glass. It is a cost-effective solution that can be used to safely transport items while ensuring they remain undamaged during transit. Plywood crates are designed to be strong enough to withstand the rigors of shipping, providing an extra layer of protection for your valuable cargo.

The glass is separated by a cork pad to prevent scratches between the glass and the gap between the glass can also prevent the glass from getting moldy

Cork betteen shower glass Apisglass
Desiccants placed in the wooden box Apisglass

Desiccant is placed in the wooden box to prevent the glass from becoming moldy

The wooden box can be unpacked on 3 sides, which is convenient for use in the workshop

Crates are sealed by screws Apisglass
100mm foot height of crates by forklift

There is a 100mm wooden box Foot height, which is convenient for forklift handling

With scientific and reasonable reinforcement methods, the wooden crates are very stable in the container, and more than 440 containers are exported a year, and there has never been a transportation problem

Loading of Tempered shower glass

Optional features

『Optional features of glass』

Apis is a tempered shower glass manufacturer in China with advanced and complete set of processing equipments.17 years of experience in production and export to Europe and the United States,Can well understand the needs of customers and provide customers with high-quality products.

Glass types

Tinted glass, Ultra-clear, Printing glass, Pattern glass can be selected

Glass shower doors
Nano coating- Easy to Clean coating on glass

Nano coating

Nano coating is Enduroshield brand which from Australia.5 years to 10 years warranty

If you are interested in any kind of optional features, welcome to contact us for a quotation.

Optional features of packing

Another package with dust-free film
Dust-free film for shower glass
Carton box of glass packing

Carton package is available.
Each piece of glass is individually packed in a carton with or without foam padding can be selected.

Carton package for shower glass
Carton package for shower glass
If you are interested in this kind of packaging, welcome to contact us for a quotation.

Quality and Service

『Quality Warranty』

All good products are manufactured!
The quality of glass depends on the most basic details of every production process. Apis insists on making every piece of glass to ensure that every piece of glass received by customers is a qualified product.

Apis provide perfect packaging and container reinforcement to ensure that the shower doors arrive in your hands intact.
Apis promise to pay or replace defective or broken products, please check the products once received the container, and contact us immediately if there is any defect.

『Professional production and sales service team』

Apis carry out weekly production plan, Raw material purchasing and process production are in accordance with the weekly plan,
So the delivery date is very punctual and there will be no delay in delivery.

The sales understand products, familiar with import and export trade knowledge, provide assistance throughout the process until the customer receives the goods.


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