Frosted Glass Partition Manufacturer

Apis has been processing and supplying frosted tempered glass for partitions, glass walls, which can be used in bathroom, living room, offices and other places. Our tempered frosted glass quality has passed the standard requirements of EN12150 and ANSI Z 97. The glass partitions can be clear glass, frosted glass, patterned glass which not only allows lights but also provide privacy.

Tempered Glass Partition Processing Description

Thickness 1#3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm±0.20 mm
Thickness 2#8mm,10mm,12mm±0.30 mm
Hole Diameter5mm-50mm+0.5mm
CornersR3mm-R50mm±1 mm
Glass TypeClear Glass, Extra Clear Glass, Tinted Glass , Frosted Glass, Pattern GlassN/A

Glass Partitions Processing

Glass Edge

We have both flat Edge, Pencil Edge for toughened glass partition. All flat edge we made have 1mm uniform chamfer edge. The edge works is very smooth. 

Tempered Shower Door Glass Processing Factory China Apisglass 1 pusblxb26osf9ja1kjfh10438lvx7tkcpjxmevfsm8.jpg
pencil edge for toughened glass partition puslpqq7g6tt02tb4sv1470wjkoeibw7ea5bgg049s.jpg

Glass Corner

For Glass Partitions, We could process R cornor, chamfer cornor, and safety cornor. 

chamfer corner for glass partitions puslq3vy3vbtima6zyjt33pcuyvji3cg43a46bgluo.jpg
safety corner for glass partititons puslqhziydv4crpppmn7mi59rqy1pjwf612edgvp9c.jpg

Glass Hole

For tempered glass partitions , we use process Round Hole, Polished Hole, Conical Hole. 

SD105 pusloyj1r5rrsdak1jcokhz33uzldarfvw2l33owi0.jpg

Frosted Partition Glass Door Processing

Feature of Apis Partition Door Glass

We use environmentally friendly water-based ink and screen printing technology. Can print any  pattern design on the glass panel.  It got  the following features :

1. Translucent effect, both light transmission and privacy protection; 2. Delicate and smooth feel ; 3. Environmental friendly; 4. Anti-fingerprint; 5. Easy to clean

frosted glass partitions 768x768.jpg
frosted glass partition 1 768x768.jpg

Apis Quality System for Toughened Glass Partition

Tempered Glass Partitions Frosted Glass Partition Apis Glass 3 putq77d8g9zp9sftqu25jynvuq999vwnqsjsyg9tw4.jpg
 006 putq8bsam5j150t46tj416gpeaq1gvd48clolclwgk.jpg
 0041 putq8qtpni3mas79r01552o2wgnww10tmf1g9rzlp0.jpg
apis shower door glass02 putq931m4ckchppirnbajhl2mgzoo3dc03iridhhg4.jpg
Tempered Glass Partitions Frosted Glass Partition Apis Glass 4 putq9jypjd7iap0y0umksdbdbeoain8i2f9i5csec4.jpg
Tempered Glass Partitions Frosted Glass Partition Apis Glass 5 putq9v8rtdmy60kk6zi3magwg14p30ha3z3bwobo9g.jpg
Tempered Glass Partitions Frosted Glass Partition Apis Glass 6 putqa4n5ppzte46wo3kdb83idvud7zilh9m6pfxqj8.jpg
Tempered Glass Partitions Frosted Glass Partition Apis Glass 7 putqaezdswdyxtrvzq19knhkx4feknnn6osizhiems.jpg

Apis Tempered Glass Partitions Packaging

We use 20mm thick high-strength fumigation-free wooden boxes for glass partition package.  Each wooden box has a sufficient amount of desiccant, and sealed package, 100mm height forklift hole, convenient for transportation; screw fixation, user-friendly and quick disassembly

the packaging for interior door glass 768x432.jpg
wooden packing of door glass 768x432.jpg

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