Frosted glass manufacturer for Pantry Door

Apis pantry door glass is a kind of frosted printed glass. This glass is very popular in the market due to its translucent visual effect and different patterns. Apis has rich experience and can process and customize this frosted pantry door glass inserts , as well as the same type of laundry door glass, barn door glass, frosted bathroom door etc. 

Frosted Pantry Glass Processing

Frosted Glass Processing Description

Thickness 1#3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm±0.20 mm
Thickness 2#8mm,10mm,12mm±0.30 mm
Hole Diameter5mm-50mm+0.5mm
CornersR3mm-R50mm±1 mm
TypeClear, Extra Clear, TintN/A

Frosted Pantry Glass Processing

Glass Edge

We can process flat Edge, Pencil Edge. All flat edge we made have 1mm uniform chamfer edge.  Smooth hand feeling. 

Pantry Door Glass Inserts Processing APIS Glass 5 puskulcqyu6q9a260u53zjzzuw7iff8fg3v1xc6sgw.jpg
Pantry Door Glass Inserts Processing APIS Glass 6 puskuyihmioqrtj1vztvygog6aenf6oo5wzun7na1s.jpg

Glass Cornor

For pantry door tempered glass, we can process R cornor and chamfer cornor.  

Pantry Door Glass Inserts Processing APIS Glass 7 puskvcm2h181lyyklnxahv4d32h5mn8n7us4ud2dgg.jpg
Pantry Door Glass Inserts Processing APIS Glass 8 puskvtj5w1v7ey9zuv8kqquns05rh73ta6ivhcdacg.jpg

Pantry Door Glass with Silk Screen Printing

The tempered glass for Frosted pantry doors is printed paint before tempering, the frosted glass have below features:

  1. Scratch resistance;
  2. Temperature resistance -30~230℃;
  3. Resistance to weak acid and base;
  4. Ceramic paint does not fall off;
  5. Water proof and moisture proof.

Feature of Apis Pantry Door Glass

We use environmentally friendly water-based paint and silk screen printing technology. Can print any of  pattern design on the glass panels.  It got  the following features : 1. Translucent effect, both light transmission and privacy protection; 2. Delicate and smooth feel ; 3. Environmental friendly; 4. Anti-fingerprint; 5. Easy to clean

pantry door with frosted pattern 768x768.jpg
laundry door glass with uniform light transmission 768x768.jpg

Quality Control of Frosted Glass Panels

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Pantry Door Tempered Glass Packing

For Tempered frosted pantry door glass , we use 20mm thick high-strength fumigation-free plywood crates, each crate has 4 bags desiccants;

Sealed package with films;

100mm height forklift hole, convenient for transportation;

Screw fixation, user-friendly and quick unpack.

pantry door glass inserts packaging 768x432.jpg
wooden packing of door glass 768x432.jpg

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