Table Top Glass

Apis fabricate tempered table top glass for furniture table tops, conference tables, outdoor patio tables, beach tables, etc. We can process 4-12mm thickness glass table top, in any shape like round, square, rectangular, oval and all edge finishes including flat edge , pencil edge, beveled edge.  

With silk screen printing technology, we could also provide you unique painted table tops glass in any color and pattern.

round table top glass

Round Table Top Glass

Standard round table top glass,12″(305mm)-72”(1829mm) can be customized, with flat, pencil, beveled edges optional.

square table top glass

Square Table Top Glass

We can produce square and rectangle tempered glass table top with excessively smooth edging and rounded corners.

painted table top glass

Painted Table Top Glass

Environmental friendly screen printing technology. Any color can be customized. Durable, not fading, and scratching resistance features.

Tabletop Glass Producing Video

 In the 16 years of cooperation with European and American customers, we have continuously improved our glass table top processing, packaging, transportation, and cost capabilities. 

It is always our priority to delivery qualified product and provide strong support for customers to develop stable market.  

Watch the video to learn more about Apis table top glass processing.

Leading Table Top Glass Manufacturing

first raw glass for table top

First Class Raw Glass

First Class raw glass from Taiwan Glass, Xinyi Glass, JinJing Glass Our low-stock production management ensures that we use the freshest raw glass within 3 months.

round beveled glass table top measuring

CNC Accurate Processing

The round table top glass processing is made by a CNC round glass processing center. The round shape is very standard, the bevel width is uniform, the error is 0.5mm, and the edging feels smooth.

round tempered glass tabletops in APIS Glass factory

Keep Improving The Detail

Skilled workers and managers with 16 years of experience learning and training together, and build a work list for every process to ensure every piece glass table top you receive is a premium.

Tempered round table glass inspection

Higher Production Standards

All of our table top glass are tempered by the highest internal standards: EN 12150 and ANSI Z97

Safe Sales Packaging for tabletop glass

Safe Sales Packaging

Our unique carton sales packaging is suitable for express transportation and meets the needs of online sales. While Wooden box packaging cost is lower, it not only protect the glass very well, but also easy to disassemble.

Express Carton Package of tabletop glass

Accurate & Stable Delivery

Accurate Delivery Time confirmation and execution, by our salesman confirming information with you and our production team.

Table Top Glass Quality Control

APIS tempered glass table top quality control consists of 4 parts: 1. Quality training for all employees. 2. Calibration of inspection tools. 3. Inspection process: first article inspection (worker + QC)-worker’s inspection-random inspection (QC)-final inspection (QC);  4.  Sales package drop test.

  • Enrich your design

    Ceramic painting table top glass

    Our 12-experienced glass printing team uses water-based environmentally friendly inks from Italian Fenzi and American Ferro, We can print any color and pattern you want on the table top glass.

  • Enrich your design

    Back Painted Glass Table Top

     The painting and the glass are tempered at a high temperature of 700 degrees Celsius. The two are perfectly integrated into a whole. with no fading, no shedding, UV and daily use Chemical resistance , scratch resistance.

  • Enrich your design

    Printing your unique color

    Printed glass table top can make tabletop glass meet the needs of different design scenarios, enrich product categories, and help you gain more market share.

    Table Top Glass Packaging

    Wooden Box Package

    We use 20mm thick high-strength fumigation-free wooden boxes for glass table top package, each wooden box has a sufficient amount of desiccant, and sealed package, 100mm height forklift hole, convenient for transportation; screw fixation, user-friendly and quick disassembly

    Express Carton Package of tabletop glass

    Express Carton Package

    For table top glass, we provide unique carton sales package, which can be used for express delivery like ups, fedex, dhl etc. We can also customize LOGO and barcode labels on the carton according to customer needs.

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